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Shop local, shop fresh

Find fresher seafood at Big Catch for a lower price! Serving the Tri-State area with quality seafood.

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Bringing Fresh Fish to Life

Fresh Fish

Handpicked directly from local fishermen, you will enjoy the most fresh seafood on your dinner table.

A Diverse Selection

From fresh fish, shrimp to shellfish, Big Catch offers a wide range of seafood options.

Competitive Pricing

Fresher fish for less? Yes! That's what makes Big Catch your No.1 retailer for seafood.

Customized Service

Tell us how you want your fish processed and we can get it done for you right on the spot.

News and Events

Ongoing Specials

"Spend $50 or more and receive a FREE seafood sample of your choice" for our mailing list subscribers. Not on our list? Join in store!
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